Kingdom Kids


Kingdom Kids is the children's ministry at The Exchange Church. Seeking to see new life in Christ for these children, this ministry provides ways for kids to express their love for God, to learn to follow Jesus, and to provide opportunities to share God's Kingdom with others.

We strive to offer a safe and fun environment for children from Pre-K through 5th grade to experience the love of God in a way unique to them.


The Exchange Church wants the same things for our kids that we want for our adults: We want them to be Disciples of Jesus. To help us know what we are aiming for, we offer these definitions of a disciple:

  1. A disciple is someone whose life looks very much like the life and ministry of Jesus
  2. A disciple is someone who does the things that Jesus did for the same reasons that Jesus did
  3. A disciple is someone who learns (the Greek word mathetes means learner) to do all of the
    things that Jesus taught his disciples in the Gospels.
  4. A disciple is someone that knows WHO they are (God’s child, loved and nothing can ever change that) and then WHAT to do (representing their Father, the King, by acting on his behalf and putting the world back together). It starts with the interior reality of Identity overflowing to the external reality of Acting on behalf of the King (their dad).


How we do this is very important. Our students are a vital part of our children’s ministry. They help lead and teach our children how to become a disciple by modeling that for them. Our children are imitating teenagers as our teenagers are imitating Jesus. It really is amazing to watch and our children love having students speak into their lives.

The strategy of The Exchange Church is to make disciples who make disciples. The Kingdom Kids area is a prime example of students who have been discipled making disciples of children (under the supervision of adults). We believe this offers a unique and fruitful opportunity for our children and students.


If you are interested in serving in Kingdom Kids or have other questions, contact Lori Jordan.