From the Pastor

To the Members and Attenders of The Exchange Church…
Loved ones:

This last year has seen several pillar and founding families move on from our congregation for a variety of reasons. None of those reasons were negative or forced. It was evidence of the Lord moving us “out” into new contexts to share his Kingdom in new ways. Still, the departure of so many has left our financial situation and organizational structure unsustainable under current practices.

Further, this last fall, my dad passed away. This has been the most devastating event I have had to deal with thus far in my life. And while his life and legacy remain a light to all who knew him, the grief of not only losing a father but also such a key member of our church family continues to take its toll on me personally. The Exchange Church has been wonderful in their response to this loss, caring for me and my family while grieving themselves.

The emotional, physical, and spiritual strain of this loss has capped off almost 8 years of full-time service as your pastor. It has been the greatest joy of my life to serve Christ and serve you during this time. But to state it simply, I am tired.

Looking at this landscape, seeing all of these realities come together at this time, I sense from the Lord the calling to resign as Lead Pastor of The Exchange Church effective February 16, 2020. Since a quorum of Elders cannot be met, I have also formed an “Emergency Leadership Team” in accordance with our bylaws to be made up of Jeff and Christi Bickley, Brandon and Kristin Gaines, Terry and Summer Guilliams, Alex and Mary Henneke, and Lori Jordan. The purpose of this team will be to lead The Exchange Church toward its next steps.

The recommendation of this team is to dissolve the entity of The Exchange Church on February 16, 2020 at which point all of the assets of The Exchange Church will be disposed of in a manner in accordance with laws pertaining to a 501c3 organization and the approval of the aforementioned Emergency Leadership Team.

Church members will vote concerning the dissolution of The Exchange Church on February 16, 2020 at a Worship Gathering to be held at 10:15am located at 4033 Jackie Lee St. in North Richland Hills, TX. Notice of this meeting was originally given during our Worship Gathering on February 2, 2020.

God has done many great things in and through us during these years. I am grateful and do not regret a single moment that we spent together worshipping Christ, loving each other, and serving our community.  This is not the end. Our journey does not end here. I am confident that God will continue to lead us as a people to influence this world for his Kingdom. The time of The Exchange Church appears to be coming to an end. But Christ’s church will endure forever.With tears on my cheeks and hope in my eyes, I love you all.

Keep on.
Jacob Seay

Lead Pastor | The Exchange Church

A PDF Copy of this letter is available HERE.