OIKOS is a greek word that means "extended family" or "household." In the first century a person's "household" would have included both blood relatives and other people close to the family. For The Exchange Church this word has come to embody the relationships we strive to foster between people.

The church is more than just people you sit next to on a Sunday morning. These are the people that you go to, the people you trust and confide in, the people who will fight for you and who will fight beside you. That is OIKOS. And that does not happen by accident.

We have a variety of opportunities to foster these relationships. We encourage everyone who comes to The Exchange Church to be involved in developing OIKOS in some fashion. Here are some options:

  • Serve: OIKOS is built when you work together. Join one of our ministry teams and watch relationships develop.
  • Mission: Nothing develops the spirit of family like mission. Our Missional Gatherings are groups of people who seek to bring the Kingdom where people are.
  • Learn: The Exchange Church will be offering a variety of small group format classes called Oikos Groups where people can learn truth together. There are also a variety of specific men's and women's opportunities as well.

Follow the links to the right to find out more about these opportunities.