Exchange Student Ministry

Where and When?

Exchange Students gather on Wednesday Evenings from 6:30pm to 8pm

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Student Worship Gatherings involve a very intentional Bible study that is designed to lead student to do 3 things:

  1. To have a relationship with Jesus.

  2. To have a relationship with people in the church (students and others).

  3. To have a relationship with people outside the church.

We intentionally plan everything around these goals. We believe that having a relationship with Jesus is key. On Wednesday evenings we meet and teach the students what a relationship with Jesus looks like in both a practical and funny way.

We want to meet the students where they are and deal with current issues while pointing to Jesus as the answer.

We want students to have relationships with other believers because we need family around us to help us be more like Jesus.

We want our students to be good friends. We do not want our students to cut all ties to friends that may not come to church. We want our students to have friends that they can invite to church. How can they share Christ with all people if they aren’t being friends to all people?

Students Serving

We teach our students that they are not the future of The Exchange. We teach them that their ministry starts now, before they become an adult. We currently have youth serving on our tech team, teaching children, setup, and tear down. If you want to serve, we will teach you how. We want all of our students to not only become a disciple but to be able to make disciples themselves.


If you are interested in serving in our student ministry please contact Jeremy Edgar.